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In the past, the use of reducer (cycloid pinwheel) in Submersible flow propeller: not ideal, short life, low efficiency, high failure,Beite started from the professional vision and the current market situation, to improve the mechanical performance, reliability, durability, and versatility of submersible flow propeller.Improve the design of the gear reducer (change to a helical gear reducer) and FRP blade propellers, and specialize in diving applications.The new submersible reducer has many important technical improvements in terms of seal, strength, and smoothness of the paddle (reducing damage to the packing).

Submersible flow propeller widely used in sewage treatment plants, working at a location of 4-7 meters underwater, have the function of promoting the flow of water medium, increasing the flow velocity at the bottom of the pond, preventing sludge sedimentation and improving the efficiency of sewage treatment. The process is essential and the key shaping equipment with high technical content.

According to the sewage treatment conditions and process requirements for equipment,

Submersible flow propeller have a diameter of about 1000-2500mm and a rotation speed of 34-88r / min. A closed reduction gear must be installed between the original motor and the working impeller, that is a reducer, which is used to reduce the speed and increase the torque to meet the work needs.The reducer has a variety of standard or non-standard products to choose from, but in the sewage environment, it is difficult to find a suitable and ready-to-use selection and matching. The reducer used in sewage should have a diving seal function, corrosion resistance, The characteristics of wear, anti-vibration and anti-impact load, ordinary reducer cannot meet this special requirement.

In order to improve the grade, adapt to the demand, replace imports, and improve the reliability, energy saving and mechanical efficiency of the submersible thruster, we specially designed and improved the structure of the reducer, and worked with the reducer manufacturer on the reliability of the thruster. Taking into account the operating conditions of the sewage and the volume and service life of the sewage, the development of a dedicated submersible reducer for sewage treatment and a concentric helical gear reducer for the motor meets the requirements of practical application conditions, fills domestic gaps, and promotes product technology upgrade .


The structure of the submersible thruster is mainly composed of the motor incoming-reducer-output end sealing system-impeller.From the motor to the impeller, there is no coupling in the middle and no extra spare parts in the middle. The transmission is simple, the structure is compact, the layout is reasonable, the whole machine is coordinated, and the sealing system and the transmission system are an integrated combination. It will become the mainstream of the form of submersible flow propeller.Fully embodies professional speciality, simplicity and reliability, practical energy saving, and the leakage protection device designed in the motor oil room, effectively predicting the monitoring and sealing status, and ensuring performance safety.

The reducer is mainly composed of box body, motor input gear of high speed level, driven gear of high speed level, driving gear of low speed level and output gear of low speed level. The reducer cleverly distributes transmission ratio and delicately designs transmission parts, optimizing two-stage helical gear transmission, and ensuring concentric transmission of input and output at the same time.According to the structural needs, it is strengthened in materials, processing, manufacturing and equipment technology.

The professional design of the submersible reducer breaks through the traditional technical limitations, strong professionalism, small size, high material strength, good stability, and beautiful overall appearance coordination.

FRP Blade

FRP blades are designed to meet the new requirements of the new process of the sewage treatment plant, and operate in the sewage with filler. The blades are required to be wear-resistant and cannot damage the filler.In order to improve the design of the smooth arc of the blade into the water, the company invested hundreds of thousands of yuan to order the blade mold at Beijing FRP Mold Company and successfully tested the blades that met the requirements.

After specially designed, the submersible reducer is equipped with fiberglass three-blade propeller packing blade, which has been highly recognized by the market. The market application will be opened quickly, and the import will be gradually replaced in the upgrading of sewage treatment plant.

In the early stage, some large sewage plants had relatively high equipment configuration and chose imported products. After several years of use, imported equipment needed to be repaired and replaced with parts. Due to the distance and communication difficulties of foreign manufacturers, they could not timely repair and replace parts.After investigating, inspecting, testing and demonstrating these sewage treatment plants, this kind of  QDTM type submersible impeller was approved. The tests were carried out in Beijing Fangshan Wastewater Treatment Plant of Beijing Jingcheng Water Affairs Co., Ltd. in May 2011, and trial operation was carried out in the upgrade and reconstruction of Xi'an Fourth Sewage Treatment Plant in December 2012. The operation effect is good, and the mechanical properties, hydraulic performance, and Various indicators such as energy consumption and energy meet the technical requirements.

The key component of the new submersible flow propeller is a reducer, which is jointly designed with its special dedicated reducer factory to meet the requirements of strength, impact, corrosion and sealing under underwater conditions, and improve product grade and comprehensive performance.

In short, the design and application of Beite's new submersible flow propeller has greatly improved the technology of the thruster. The market for Beite's  submersible flow propeller will be greatly improved and it can replace imports. Progress and improve the competitiveness of domestic equipment.

By:Fu Jianqiu