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Each of the submersible mixers manufactured by Nanjing Beite Company was inspected at the factory before leaving the factory. The well-lubricated ball bearings give the submersible mixer maximum durability. However, in order to ensure the service life of the submersible mixer, regular inspections and maintenance are recommended.



Before maintaining the equipment, make sure the submersible mixer is  
disconnected with the power and won’t be started accidentally. Pay attention to   
the original status of the damaged and abrasive components. 
Make sure the stability of the submersible mixer and its components. Make sure the mixer won’t rotate or fall down to avoid personal injury or damage of articles. 

Maintenance Periodic Table

(Being Divided into Group A and Group B according to the abrasive status of the impeller) 

Abrasive status of the impeller
Examine and Repair Period

Overhaul Period

No abrasion or slightly abrasion
Every 8000 working hours or once a year

Twice a year or once in every 50,000 working hours 

Every 4000 working hours or once a year
Once a year or once in every 20,000 working hours or when it is necessary to carry out overhaul period when necessary. 

Note: Overhaul to the submersible mixer shall be carried out at the workshop of our company. 
Use ammeter to find out if there is any possibility of blockage.
Pay attention to the impeller. In case the impeller is seriously worn down, the motor may be overload due to vibration.